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Welcome! There's loads of powerful information here in this Media Kit, so read and learn. Feel free to contact us at , call us at , or fax us at .

DominoPower has provided us with more sales opportunities than we ever expected. Once the weekly newsletter is sent out, the hits on our website, as well as requests for more product information increase dramatically. We could not be happier with the results from this marketing campaign. --Gary Rowan, Gessworks

DominoPower is unquestionably one the most cost-effective advertising vehicles available to Lotus Business Partners. --Alan Forbes, GSX Groupware Solutions, Inc.

I can't think of a better demographic than your readership.
-- Terry Johnston, Caelo

One of the Top 10 sites for Notes/Domino professionals.
-- SearchDomino

Dear ZATZ: I just wanted to state that your OutlookPower" email that I received is one of the best emails on my daily review list. I so enjoy reading it, finding and using the information, that I cannot help but write to tell you how much I enjoy it. I sometimes feel like a "little Kid", waiting to review the page(s) and sometimes download a few programs. Thank you so much for an intelligent, useful and interesting program. --Dr. Clyde Gillespie

The ZATZ Magazine Network
ZATZ currently publishes five powerfully-branded and highly recognizable magazines: OutlookPower, DominoPower, WebSpherePower, Computing Unplugged (formerly PalmPower), and Connected Photographer.

OutlookPower Magazine
231,000 email-obsessed managers, IT professionals, and end-users constantly looking for the best resources. [Rates]

DominoPower Magazine
66,000 devoted, influential IT developers, network engineers, and CIOs with the real budgets to drive growth. [Rates]

WebSpherePower Magazine
65,000 dedicated IBM IT professionals with a mandate to transform their organizations. [Rates]

Computing Unplugged Magazine
300,000 uncompromisingly mobile professionals and consumers who can and do take it with them. [Rates]

Connected Photographer Magazine
Over 300,000 tech-savvy photography enthusiasts as comfortable with a laptop as a lens, Connected Photographer is all about the art, science, and joy of making a connection with your photographs in the Internet Age. [Rates]

"If you want to reach dedicated IT professionals, email addicts, tech-savvy photography and mobile enthusiasts, the ZATZ Magazine Network is for you!"
Show me the magazines!
It's getting exciting, isn't it? Aren't you? Of course you are. By now, if you aren't already an active reader of our magazines, you will be soon.

Here are some samples of recent Weekly Updates:

Of course, you can also visit the online magazines:

  • DominoPower Magazine
  • OutlookPower Magazine
  • Computing Unplugged Magazine (formerly PalmPower)
  • WebSpherePower Magazine
  • Connected Photographer Magazine

We recently ran a special Professional Development issue in DominoPower. Click below to see it:

From time-to-time, we also run dedicated mailings for our customers. Here are a few examples:

If you have products or services to promote, you just know that it's time to put the pedal to the metal and send your sales into overdrive by signing up for a ZATZ ad campaign today.

In fact, why wait until the end of the day?

Take action, now!
Call us at , email us at , or even fax us at . No matter how you do it, when you do it, you'll be thrilled about what you've done. Right now.


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